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LightSpeed is building a brand new fiber optic network with the mission of connecting you to the Internet with insanely fast Gigabit speeds at affordable prices.


(1 Gig = 1,000 Megabits, around 100X faster than the Cable Co's.)


Unlike the big cable companies, we're committed to customer service and providing a reliable open Internet.


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Now available to downtown and Huntington Woods. More coming soon!  We select neighborhoods  based on registration demand.

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Fiber construction underway throughout Ypsilanti. Lighting our first customers in August 2018. Order today and get special early-adopter incentives.


We've already completed construction to over 20,000 Lansing area homes! Register to place an order now or to be informed when service is available to your area.


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LightSpeed recently completed installation of a brand new  fiber optic network in downtown Grand Rapids designed to bring 1 & 10 Gig service to homes and businesses in the area.  Want to be among the first in Grand Rapids to experience Gigabit serivce?  

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The LightSpeed Network

The LightSpeed network is designed for massive scale and non-stop reliability. We start by connecting your home or business directly to brand new fiber optic lines running at up to 10 Gigabit speeds. This new fiber line is dedicated to you and completely bypasses all local phone and cable company networks. But we don't stop there. LightSpeed operates a 2,400 mile U.S. fiber optic backbone, spanning from Chicago to Atlanta to Washington DC. This allows us to connect you directly to 100's of other networks and Internet content providers at Gigabit speeds while bypassing congestion points and insuring end-to-end quality of service.




Optimized for Streaming and Online Gaming

LightSpeed not only provides the raw speed you desire but also the highest quality Internet experience available. Our network connects redundantly to all major Internet content providers, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Riot Games, Twitch and hundreds of others, giving you an unmatched entertainment experience.



Looking to save a bundle on your Cable TV bill? Only LightSpeed makes it possible to finally cut the cable.  Watch your favorite live shows and on-demand entertainment, without long-term contracts or hidden fees from exciting new services offered by Amazon, SlingTV and Sony VUE. This is not watered down TV―get all the channels you want, including Fox Sports, ESPN and Big10 Network with advanced features like video replay, multi-screen viewing and on-demand programming all for about half the price of Cable.
Sign Up Here for SLING TV service.


You finally have real choice. Take back control of TV. Choose from over 5 different Cable TV providers, Sling TV, Sony VUE and many other cable TV replacement services.




Looking for UltraHD (4K) content? There is no better way to bring your 4K TV to life. You will enjoy superior video quality never before possible. That is because the LightSpeed network is optimized to stream 4K video content from most major networks insuring glitch-free viewing across all screens in your home.



Gamers love LightSpeed because we connect directly to popular gaming networks, such as XBox and Riot insuring industry leading ping-times. This is like nothing you've ever experienced. You are going to love it.



Serious Business-Class Quality

  Your business will connect at speeds you never thought possible, increasing productivity and enabling the seamless use of exciting new cloud services.  Because our network is connected directly to all major cloud service providers, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Drop Box, and hundreds of others, you can finally leverage the advantages of cloud services without compromising performance or reliability.



Our business-class network is built using MPLS architecture running on native DWDM wavelengths with all gateways having 100 Gig capabilities. Our network delivers the scale and dependability you expect.







Open Peering and E-NNI Arrangements

Carriers interested in peering with LightSpeed, please contact help@



Metro Fiber Cities: Detroit Metro, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ypsilanti.

Gateway Cities: Washington DC, Chicago IL, Grand Rapids MI, Lansing MI and Southfield MI.


Private Peering Facilities:

LiquidWeb DC3 - 2703 Ena Dr, Lansing, MI,

Neutral site - 320 N Washington Square, Lansing, MI

Level 3 Lansing - 1206 May Street, Lansing, MI

Level3 Southfield - 19675 W 10 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI DC1 - 24700 Northwestern Hwy Southfield, MI

Equinix/TELx - 350 E Cermak in Chicago, IL

Equinix - 21715 Filligree in Ashburn, VA (WDC area)

TelX - 56 Marietta Atlanta, GA


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LightSpeed is dedicated to revolutionizing how you connect and use the Internet. The company is constructing a brand new fiber optic Internet network designed to disrupt the ISP business.

Still Have Questions?

LightSpeed Communications, LLC

737 Filley St

Suite C

Lansing, MI 48906


  • Why should I register my address?

    Lightspeed is busy constructing a brand new fiber optic network. That means we need to run new fiber cable to nearly every street to reach every address. We ask anyone interested to register their address so we know how best to prioritize our construction crews. We intend to install in areas showing the most interest first. There is no cost or commitment made when registering. The data is used to help us determine where to best make our investments.

  • Do you have bandwidth caps?

    No. We have no intention of limiting the amount of data you can download. Quite simply, fiber has so much capacity we don’t see any reason for bandwidth caps. Cable and wireless providers sometimes struggle with capacity. We've all felt it. As more customers connect, connections can slow down. That is not true with fiber.  Even worse, they may discourage you from using Netflix and streaming video in general as if they fear you'll drop Cable TV altogether. (Truth is you may not need cable TV if you have fiber Internet.) With LightSpeed, bandwidth is not treated like a scarce resource.

  • What is your policy on streaming?

    LightSpeed is different. Stream all you want. Download all you want.  We encourage it!


    Our network is directly connected to major streaming providers, including Amazon, Akamai and Netflix. We've optimized the streaming experience to insure the highest definition video without buffering. You have never experienced anything like this - you are going to love it!

  • How is this a revolution?

    Through installation of a brand new and independent fiber optic network, we are liberating customers from their connection to the big cable and phone company monopolies.

  • Do you require long-term contracts?

    No. You can buy service on a month-by-month term if you wish. Long-term contracts are available if you want to lock in promotional pricing and defer installation fees, but we do not use contracts to hold you hostage. Our strategy is to earn your loyalty by offering a product far superior to our competitors.

  • Do you offer guaranteed service levels?

    Yes. LightSpeed is guaranteed to operate 24 x 7 x 365 non-stop with 100% availability. If you ever experience a service outage, you are entitled to service credits.


  • How do I reach customer support?

    Our support website and user community is  If you ever need support, please email any time. Our help system will open a support case and automatically grab the best person for your question. We are committed to answering your questions quickly and from people that live in our community that very care deeply about your experiences with LightSpeed.

  • How else does LightSpeed differ from cable or phone company Internet?

    First off, we're about 100 times faster.  Frankly it's not even a comparison.  Cable modem & DSL service providers rely on ancient copper wiring. Copper is not only slower than fiber, it has higher "latency" - meaning there are delays that make the web "feel" sluggish even at the same bandwidth rating. Fiber is faster, snappier (lower latency) and has the ability to scale from 1 to 10 to 100 Gigabits - it is a future proof technology.


    Most importantly, we're the only company building a brand new state-of-the-art fiber optic network designed to connect you directly to the Internet backbone at Gigabit speeds.  This is called fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and we're excited to bring it to you. You will love it!

  • But I was told AT&T U-Verse was installing "fiber" in my neighborhood?

    If AT&T tells you U-Verse connects your home using fiber, it is very unlikely. We've never seen a U-Verse connection that doesn't use  DSL in our service area.  DSL is copper (i.e., not fiber.)  AT&T does use fiber in their network  but not likely connected directly to your home. Yea - that makes a huge difference. As a result, the maximum speed they offer for your Internet (last time we checked) was only 30 Megabits download and 5 Megabits upload.  Their  premium service is about 30 to 200 times slower than our entry level 1 Gig service.

  • Why Michigan?

    We love Michigan.  And we love the Internet.  We want to do our part to make living and working in Michigan the best it can be. We were watching with envy as Google rolled out its 1 Gig Internet connections elsewhere until we decided to take the matter into our own hands and bring it to Michigan ourselves.

  • What is Gigabit?

    What is Gigabit?
    1 Gigabit (Gig) is about 1,000 Megabits. To put this another way, Gig is mind-blowing speed. By contrast, a typical Cable or DSL service is 10 Megabits (Megs) which is about 100 times slower than LightSpeed 1 Gig. What's more, Cable and DSL bandwidth is often over-subscribed and shared among neighborhoods or large service areas. This results in a big slow down during busy times when more people connect. This is not true with LightSpeed - every connected building receives a minimum dedicated 1 Gig fiber strand. Larger buildings are connected using 10 Gigabit. We designed the network from the ground-up to deliver dedicated bandwidth and long-term designs for 10 and 100 Gigabit (and beyond.) Bottom line, we will not run out of bits when you need us the most!

  • When will service be installed?

    We are prioritizing installation to buildings/neighborhoods based on the level of interest received through our website. If you are interested, please register your address at If your neighborhood or building is already connected, service is usually available within a few days. If your neighborhood is under construction, you may place an "early adopter" order - That means your service will be installed when your street reaches the final phase of construction. It takes a bit more waiting for early-adopter orders, but we give you a ton of extra value for being our early supporter.


    For more information the construction and permit process, please see our article posted here.

  • What is the status of your construction progress?

    We are posting regular updates to our Facebook page and our construction blog page. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our expansion progress!

  • What technology do you use?

    Gigabit Ethernet. No voodoo, just plug in your router and go. No modem or phone line required.

    LightSpeed is a Michigan based company delivering 1 Gig Internet connections to home users.

  • Is LightSpeed a new company?

    Yes, we were founded on May 1 2014 - but we've been doing this for a long time. LightSpeed was formed by some of the founders and employees of Arialink upon its sale to Zayo Group in May of 2012.  Arialink was the largest fiber optic service provider for businesses and government users in Mid-Michigan. LightSpeed has acquired most of the former Arialink subscribers and all of the assets of Arialink Connected Communities. LightSpeed's founders built Michigan's largest independent Metro Ethernet network, with over 900 miles of fiber deployed in Ann Arbor, Lansing and  West Michigan. We plan to leverage this expertise and reach to revolutionize home Internet service.

  • Is all fiber created equal?

    No. The most important factor is whether companies connect your home directly to fiber or are they simply using fiber elsewhere in their backbone. LightSpeed is unique because we bring the fiber directly to your home for the fastest and most dependable network connection available.


    The next most important factor is how you connect to the rest of the world. LightSpeed connects to over 100 other networks directly, via fiber optic connections, to insure your performance is the highest possible.

  • Is LightSpeed a Michigan based company?

    Yes. Lightspeed was formed in  2014 by a group of Michigan based entrepreneurs. Our founders are successful telecom industry executives who have set out to revolutionize the way we use the Internet.

  • What is the price?

    For a limited time, we are offering single-family-homes who participate in our early-adopter program a price of only $49 per month. This is only offered to subscribers who have registered on our website and purchase service during the construction or pre-construction period.  Long term pricing for 1-Gig is $70 per month, but we offer several lower speed tiers at lower prices and frequently offer new-customer promotional rates on 1-Gig as well. Enter your address in our Sign-Up form to check current prices! Either way, we are committed to remaining affordable.


    Contact for multi-family, small business and institutional user pricing.

  • Do you offer Cable TV or Telephone service?

    Yes. We enable choice.


    Use your LightSpeed connection to replace Cable TV and phone service. Choosing from at least 4 different live TV service providers - including LightSpeed LIVE, SlingTV, Sony VUE or AT&T Directv NOW. An Open Internet means you can choose from ANY TV or telephone service providers without compromising quality. Only LightSpeed gives you this choice. Finally!

  • Do you install service to apartment buildings?



    Yes, with permission. We need permission from your landlord/building owner before installing service to most high-rise or multi-family apartment complexes. Please read this article for more information.

  • Are you expanding to my city?

    We're pretty busy executing on our current plans, but we are always looking for expansion opportunities. Numerous factors go into deciding when and where to expand, but the number one driver is consumer demand.  We might not be able to serve you today, but register anyway! We would love to hear from you and know you support our efforts!

  • How do I order your service?

    To order, simply click the Sign Up or Register links and complete the form.  Your address will be checked for coverage and provide you an electronic order form upon verification. We do not accept phone orders at this time. All orders must be submitted through our website.

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