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Our Statement On Net Neutrality


November 10, 2014 – LightSpeed expresses support for Net Neutrality, calls on Internet Providers to self-regulate


Internet Provider LightSpeed Communications is taking the lead on Net Neutrality and bringing 1 Gig fiber to Michigan homes.


Earlier today President Obama called on federal regulators to toughen net neutrality rules for Internet traffic. LightSpeed supports net neutrality and calls on all Internet Service Providers to implement rules in advance of regulation.


It is widely believed Internet providers such as Comcast and Verizon have successfully lobbied Washington in opposition of Net Neutrality rules, although most people still do not understand the important concept. At the essence, Net Neutrality insures all Internet users can access whatever web site or video streaming services they want, rather than allowing ISP’s to enforce their preference.


Recently it came to light that Comcast and Verizon were actively hindering the video streaming quality of Netflix. The matter was resolved when Netflix agreed to pay Comcast for a “fast lane” to access Comcast cable modem subscribers. It was determined through litigation the practice of selectively preferring or prioritizing content by an ISP is legal. If this practice remains legal, large carriers such as Comcast will be free to choose the winners and losers on the Internet – such as selecting the search engine you use, places you can shop online or your sources for news and information.



Net Neutrality will reverse this trend and will guarantee consumers have their own choice, by allowing everyone fair and equal access to any site on the internet. "It is vital to insure Home based craft stores get the same access as Amazon and Netflix gets the same streaming access as independent filmmakers. Net Neutrality means no preferred access to the highest bidder, putting consumers back in charge and leveling the playing for entrepreneurs to continue innovating and advancements of Internet technology." said Jason Schreiber, the Founder & CEO of LightSpeed.


“In my opinion, unchecked consolidation in the cable & telecom industry risks destroying everything we love about the Internet. A competitive marketplace is the most important way to insuring net neutrality;” Jason Schreiber, LightSpeed Founder and CEO.


LightSpeed committed today to immediately implement self-regulation, guaranteeing its users will receive the benefits of Net Neutrality concepts ahead of President Obama’s proposed action in Washington. Regardless of the outcome of the President’s efforts, LightSpeed calls on all ISP’s, small and large, to follow suit to insure consumer choice and the essence of the Internet is protected.


About LightSpeed

East Lansing based company LightSpeed Communications, LLC is rapidly installing 1 Gig Internet services to homes in Michigan cities. The company is building a new fiber optic network, designed to connect homes directly to the fastest Internet technology available -1 and 10 Gigabit fiber – which is about 100 times faster than competing services.


The new technology is being heralded as a disruptive force in the Internet marketplace; empowering consumers and sparking a revolution in how users connect and use the Internet.


The company’s website is www.golightspeed.com and maintains an active Facebook presence at www.facebook.com/golightspeed



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